Tales from the Purr-fect Detective Agency

Tales from the Purr-fect Detective Agency

***Due in 2018***

Biv and Chiv are not your usual detectives. They are twin ginger tom cats. Biv is enthusiastic, but not always sensible. Chiv is sensible, but cautious. Together they use unusual, and often hilarious, methods of tackling crime.

About the Book

These adventures of two hapless feline detectives will appeal to children aged 3 to 8 years.  Biv and Chiv are twin ginger cats with an ambition to solve all the crimes in town.  Working out of an office in a derelict warehouse they often use unorthodox ways to track down the criminals.  Biv’s wild adventurous ideas are moderated by Chiv’s more sensible, measured tactics.  Amazingly, the pair become the most successful detectives in town. Biv and Chiv’s adventures are brought to life by clever illustrations throughout.

Genre: Children's Books
Format: Paperback